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Our Founders

Dr. John & Evelyn BillingsIn 1953 Dr John Billings, a Melbourne neurologist, was asked by Fr Maurice Catarinich, a marriage guidance counsellor, to help couples to manage their fertility naturally.  He promised to give three months to this work.  What he discovered led to the Billings Ovulation Method® and became his life passion.  With his wife, Dr Evelyn Billings, a paediatrician, they together made a commitment to share this knowledge to all corners of the world.

The clinical trials of the Billings Ovulation Method® were validated by two eminent scientists, Professor James B Brown from Melbourne and Professor Erik Odeblad from Sweden.

We are grateful for the legacy left to humanity by the Drs Billings and the Directors of WOOMB International are committed to ensure that the knowledge continues to be spread.

To honour our founders, at each WOOMB International Conference the keynote address is recognised as the John Billings Memorial Lecture  click here

In addition, the John and Evelyn Billings Award has been instigated to recognise those who have made a significant contribution to the spread of the Billings Ovulation Method® – click here

Many who met John and Evelyn recognised their special qualities and it is hoped that one day they will be officially recognised as Saints.  A prayer blog has been developed for those who wish to seek intercessions.  To access the blog click here