WOOMB International


Advanced Teacher Training Online Course

This six Session Course has been developed to be presented on-line via video-conferencing. 

The aim of this Course is to assist the Billings Ovulation Method® teacher to interpret the erratic chart by referring to the scientific truths of the phases of the cycle.

Learning Objectives

To assist teachers to:  

  • Identify the phases of the cycle, even when a Peak cannot be identified
  • Identify the hormonal, cervical and vaginal responses to the different phases of the cycle
  • Review the chart, using investigative skills, so that an accurate record is presented
  • Recognise the importance of listening to what the woman is saying about her descriptions, instead of only relying on the written record
  • Assess charts to identify patterns of fertility and infertility to ensure that unnecessary abstinence is not being imposed on the couple
  • Understand that if the chart is accurate and the woman is not in a life stage where the infertile variants of the Continuum could be expected, medical referral is recommended.

The six sessions of this course are divided into 12 modules with 2 modules presented each session.

Topics covered include:

How adults learn

Using the science to benefit the couple

Teaching the couple from initial instruction to autonomy

What does the teacher see in the chart?

The relevance of the Continuum to our teachers

Breastfeeding from infertility to the return of fertility


Ceasing hormonal contraception

Case Studies relevant to the topic are a major component of this Course and students are expected to do both pre-reading and a homework charting assessment between sessions.  Numbers are strictly limited to ensure active participation of all students.