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Basic and Upskilling Course

This interactive face to face course is usually offered over 2 or 3 days. The student teacher is first taught the essential principles of teaching simply at the level of the learner couple. The Program then proceeds to the scientific explanation of the woman’s recorded patterns, to which Rules for achieving or avoiding pregnancy are applied. These rules apply to every circumstance of a woman’s reproductive life. Knowledge of the scientific background, including hormonal patterns and the responses of the cervix, endometrium and other parts of the woman’s reproductive system, can provide explanations for each woman’s record.

The knowledge of what is normal and a recognition of a departure from the normal is included in the course, so that a trained teacher can recommend referral for medical management when an abnormality presents itself.

An important aspect of this course is that once a trainee has completed the face to face course, she/he is offered clinical supervision with an Accredited Billings Ovulation Method® teacher. Some affiliates offer a Phase 2 of this course which offers further assistance to the trainee working under clinical supervision.

This program is used for the training of teachers by all Affiliates. To contact the WOOMB Affiliate in your country to find out details and costs of their next Teacher Training Course, please click here

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