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Online Charting Resources

Keeping an accurate chart of daily symptoms experienced at the vulva is the vital ingredient for success when using the Billings Ovulation Method®.

The accurate chart allows the couple to identify the patterns of fertility and infertility and the phases of the woman’s cycle.  This pictorial record is then used by the couple to choose the guidelines to either achieve their aim of a pregnancy, or, alternatively, to avoid conceiving.

Traditionally this chart has been kept on a paper chart using either stickers or symbols.  These charts are available via your teacher or the online shop https://billings.ecwid.com/Personal-Record-Chart-p37145313

 In addition, Excel charts with either stamps or symbols are also available for those wishing to record in this way.  Personal-Record-Chart-for-Download-English-and-Spanish-p63719148.

As technology is making it so easy to now keep the daily chart and to have access to a teacher, many women are choosing to chart on the WOOMB approved online charting resources which can be used on both smart phones and computers.

The following three charting resources are approved by WOOMB International.  All allow the woman to keep her daily record and give access to her to interact with a teacher. 

BillingsApp – this App is available at both Apple and Play Stores.  The basic version is available free of charge, however the Premium Service, available for a small fee, makes teacher contact more easily accessible. 

FertilityPinpoint – this computer based resource offers easy access to a teacher.  While it does need internet access, it can still be used on a smart phone. It is offered free for the first month after which time, reasonable charges are required to keep access.

nfpcharting.com – this App is available at both Apple and Play stores.  Following the first free month, monthly or yearly rates are offered to continue to use this resource.

Please note, many of the charting Apps currently available are based on inaccurate or outdated information about modern methods of natural family planning.  Make sure you only use or recommend the WOOMB approved charting resources for the Billings Ovulation Method®.